As a Director or Member of a Colony, I agree to the following process, once I have signed up:

The Colony Director should designate a safe, accessible place on their property for Colony Members to drop-off their bins each week.

During drop-off day, the Director shall ensure there are enough clean bins for Members to take when they make their drops. As well, have on hand enough Monthly Perks to provide each Member during perk week.

The day of week designated for pick-up will be assigned by Turn. This day is going to coincide with the company’s existing routes to ensure maximized efficiency. There will be no deviation to this, unless it’s a holiday week.

Members will be asked to drop off their filled bins starting the day prior to the pick-up day, to ensure 100% participation and on-time drops.

For example: Turn designates the pick-up days as Wednesday, each week. Members should drop-off filled buckets the day prior, from 6AM-midnight, to the location that has been designated at the location. If Member miss this drop-off window, they will need to wait until the following week.

Members should take the upmost courtesy for the Directors drop-off location, leaving no additional debris, trash, or overflowing bins, and respect the property of the drop-off site. Any special instructions regarding drop-off will be posted by the Director and Members shall agree to them, if applicable.

If a Director is out of town during one of the pick-up weeks, they should communicate to both Turn as well as their Membership, to either designate an alternative location or the Director will pre-plan and have clean bins already available for drop-off day with access for pick-up, to ensure a smooth transition.

Members can cancel at any time by ending their account online and dropping off their last bin at the host location.

Directors may cancel their Colony with 2 months notice, to ensure a smooth transition to another location or to secure a new Director in the area.