Plant: Blackberries

I’ve been growing blackberries in my urban backyard for the last several years and they have become one of our favorite edible items to maintain and harvest at home. Our family loves it so much, we can never quite make it to a pie or jam…Everyone just picks the fruit straight off the vine and eats them as they ripen (the biggest consumer is our toddler who now knows how to see which ones are dark and ready to eat!).

Blackberries are easy to grow in North Texas in a home environment. We trellised ours against our fence, with a bit of simple wiring. You can also make even more creative trellising if you have the time and interest.

Here are several important tips for planting and growing blackberries:

1.     Find the right space (think about sun, soil, water, and air flow)

2.     Choose the right blackberry variety (type) for our area

3.     Plant at the right time

4. Use Earth-Kind techniques for growing and maintaining your blackberries (what’s Earth-Kind? read more here…)

For a more detailed and thorough researched explanation of how to grow blackberries at home, check out this helpful tip sheet from Texas A&M.