Recycle: Shells

The best soil and the best compost has a diverse and healthy blend of macro and micro nutrients in it. We’d like to take a moment to remind you that you can add shells from your everyday cooking to your compost! Seafood shells, egg shells, and nut shells..

Seafood Shells: Oysters, clams and mussels…Lobster, shrimp, crabs…(we’re getting hungry!). Yes, all of these guys can be composted in your garden. Here’s a great article from The Washington Post (“Why you should prepare a seafood dinner for your soil”) about all of the great benefits these guys add to your soil, like chitin and calcium.

Egg Shells: Egg shells from chickens and ducks are a great calcium source for your soil. We go through so many eggs during the week either for breakfast or baking. This is perhaps one of the easiest things to compost yourself at home (you can even blend them up when dried out and sprinkle on your house plants).

Nut Shells: Love nibbling on salted pistachios, or cracking pecan and walnuts - shelled peanuts with your beer? Well, guess what. These guys are an excellent source of carbon (brown stuff) for your compost. If you have been to our local Dallas Arboretum, you will notice that their raised flower beds are mulched with pecan shells.

One final note…The smaller the organic item added to your compost, the faster it will break down. So, you can add whole shells to your garden bed or compost pile, but they will break down slowly. If you want them to break down faster, put them in a bag and take a hammer to them, THEN add them to your compost or garden.

Now, get cracking. Start composting your shells!