Plant: Spinach

Throughout the month of October, you can plant spinach seeds in your urban space to harvest throughout the winter. They are consider a “cool-season crop”, which means they do well in cooler temperatures.

Here are five reasons why we like to grow spinach at home:

  1. It is healthy - full of vitamins and minerals, and good fiber.

  2. It is relatively easy to grow. You can directly sow the seeds in the ground, after soaking them overnight.

  3. It will keep producing. Either snip off the larger pieces to harvest and allow new growth to come in. And/or, plant the seeds in succession (every week or two, add new seeds for new rows of growth)

  4. It is hardy. Spinach likes our Texas sun. It also can grow and thrive with freezing temps into the low 20’s.

  5. It is versatile and quick to cook at home - salads, sautéed, baked with eggs, mix in soups…

Check out this wonderful article by Skip Richter in Texas Gardener Magazine for more details on growing spinach in Texas.