2019 Classes

Turn is delighted to offer several educational courses available to the public. They are taught by Lauren Clarke, a Dallas County Master Gardener and graduate of the El Centro Food & Hospitality Institute. To book a course for your office, school, or community organization, please fill out the form below. We’ll be back in touch with details and pricing, depending on the needs of your group.


Garden to Table to Garden

This class teaches the full cycle of what to plant/harvest, cook, and then recycle in your urban space. It is tailored seasonally for the relevant growing cycle, and by audience type.

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Urban Composting Basics

This is a general survey course covering the basics of how to create your own compost at home utilizing organic waste from inside and outside your urban environment. You will get an overview of soil biology, compost methodologies and techniques, and tips on usage and application in your home landscape.

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Composting For Kids

This short course gives elementary school aged children an overview of compost in the garden – how it works and why it is important. Learn about nature’s recyclers and decomposers and why they are important to our urban landscape. This is a hands-on, fun, and interactive presentation.

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Edible Landscaping

Want to learn what edible plants you can successfully grow and harvest in your urban yard during the spring and summer months? This course will educate you on the best herbs and veggies that grow well in our hardiness zone during the warm (or cool) Texas months, along with tips and techniques for growth and harvesting. The class is tailored to each season.

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Basic Garde Manger (Fr.)

Garde Manger literally translates in French to “keeper of the food”; it is the culinary practice of preparing and storing foods. You will learn creative ways to simply recycle and reuse food at home. This course will demonstrate the basics of canning, dehydration, and storage of fresh food products – made practical for the urban environment.