Bonton Farms

Bonton Farms is an agricultural intervention developed to restore health, create jobs, and ignite hope in South Dallas for the most marginalized and vulnerable people. Bonton is also a “Food Desert”, where access to healthy foods is non-existent.

Geneva Heights Elementary School Garden

Geneva Heights seeks to empower our students to be transformational leaders equipped with the skills to become globally-conscious citizens dedicated to lifelong learning.

Paul Quinn College Farm

Our mission is to transform the health and well-being of under-resourced communities in Southern Dallas by providing fresh, healthy, affordable food options. Our farm hopes to educate and empower future generations to take better care of themselves, their environments, and their communities.

Armstrong Elementary

Recognizing the special and specific individual needs of elementary students, Armstrong Elementary School seeks to provide a positive and nurturing environment and flexible structure which enables children to grow and experience daily success.

The mission of Texas Worm Ranch is to reduce the local waste stream, create beautiful and safe landscapes and gardens, and promote the use and enjoyment of local, sustainable and organic agriculture.

Lakewood Elementary School Garden

Lakewood Elementary is a Blue Ribbon school dedicated to academic excellence, mutual respect, and lifelong learning.

Moss Haven Elementary

We are a family of lifelong learners and believe in partnerships with our students, family, and community to strengthen individual achievements and successes for each student.

Urban Chicken, Inc. is a delivery, ranching, and consultation service with a wide range of partners and clients across DFW.


Good Local Markets

Good Local Markets is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that proudly organizes producer-only community farmers markets in Dallas which support local farmers, ranchers, beekeepers, bakers, makers, artists, neighborhoods and you!

Multiple Careers Magnet Center

The facility meets every need for the orthopedically handicapped provides vocational programs for students with special needs.