Bonton Farms

Bonton Farms is an agricultural intervention developed to restore health, create jobs, and ignite hope in South Dallas for the most marginalized and vulnerable people. Bonton is also a “Food Desert”, where access to healthy foods is non-existent.

Chandler Family Farms

A small farmer growing produce, raising poultry, cattle and pork on pasture and being a single mom…


The mission of Farmers Assisting Returning Military is to provide agricultural training, employment opportunities and alternative therapies to all Military Veterans.

Fields of Green Farm

Fields of Green Farm is a new venture by two geeks who are going back to their roots. We combine the tried and true ways of producing real food with innovate modern techniques. Elements of our farm include dual-purpose chickens, alternative energy, aquaponics, hair sheep, Back to Eden and straw bale gardening, rainwater catchment, a fruit orchard, and much more. 

Lake Highlands Community Garden

We feature individual plots for organic gardening and a variety of specialty gardens. Hundreds of dedicated gardeners and community volunteers participate in activities year round, four seasons. Whether you are interested in one of our individual plots, or want to join in Community Days, helping with food bank donations, or other gardening fun, we welcome you!

Promise of Peace Community Gardens

The Promise of Peace Gardens, a nonprofit organization, creates neighborhood and school food gardens while providing nutritional, and environmental educational opportunities for children and their families. POP feeds, connects, empowers local communities.

Owenwood Farm and Neighbor Space

Owenwood is a campus of White Rock UMC focusing on neighborhood transformation through partnership, innovation, food security, and conversational worship.

The mission of Texas Worm Ranch is to reduce the local waste stream, create beautiful and safe landscapes and gardens, and promote the use and enjoyment of local, sustainable and organic agriculture.

Paul Quinn College Farm

Our mission is to transform the health and well-being of under-resourced communities in Southern Dallas by providing fresh, healthy, affordable food options. Our farm hopes to educate and empower future generations to take better care of themselves, their environments, and their communities.

Urban Chicken, Inc. is a delivery, ranching, and consultation service with a wide range of partners and clients across DFW.