Premium Household Subscription


Premium Household Subscription

  • Complimentary Turn compost starter kit (5 gallon bucket and lid)

  • Weekly doorstep pick-up of food waste (and replacement with clean bucket)

  • Once a month pickup of yard waste (terms apply) for up to 12 filled bags

  • Local perk delivered to your doorstep each month

  • Compost delivered 2x year (option to donate to a local school garden)

  • Quarterly customized household impact report

  • $50.00/month

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Yard Waste Pickup Terms:

  1. Accepted items: leaves, grass clippings, flowers, small shrub/branches/twigs (must fit in bag), seasonal organics (pumpkins, hay, flowers, wreaths, etc.)

  2. Items must be bagged in paper lawn bags (no plastic bags, please - we can compost the paper bags!).

  3. No more than 12 bags allowed per month.

  4. Pickup will be on the last Friday of every month. You can always check our calendar to confirm the exact date.