Subscriptions are available for 75204, 75206, 75214, 75218, 75223, 75228 and 75238. Here's how it works:

  1. We provide all residential subscribers with a compost starter kit. Please note we do charge a one-time/upfront fee of $25 for it and you can read more about that here.

  2. On your pickup day, you will leave your bucket near the entrance of your residence. Don’t worry! We will send you a text reminder to do so. Tell us which number you would like texted in your registration form.

  3. Turn Compost will come by to collect your used bucket and scraps and replace with a clean/sanitized bucket. We also weigh your bucket and keep track of your household usage which we turn into a quarterly impact report.

  4. All subscribers are enrolled in our rewards program where a local item will be delivered to your doorstep (frequency depends on your subscription level). You will receive finished compost twice a year, unless you elect to donate it to one of our community garden partners (you will do this when you sign up).